Sunday, February 7, 2010

Science Museums & Concerts & Aquariums

On Friday, Caroline and I went to a concert. We met these two French guys that have been showing us around Valencia, and they asked if we wanted to go to a concert. We didn't know what kind of concert it was, they only said it was rock. We had previously gone to a Flamenco concert with them last week and it was it a quaint venue, so we expected it to be a small show. We got there and we were blown away; it was a huge concert right on the beach, we could literally see the water while we watched the show. The best part was that it was free! The music was really great, and it was cool to see what the music crowd was like in Valencia. It is very similar to Athens, actually, except everyone speaks a different language.
The next day we got up to go to the aquarium and a science museum. This part of Valencia is so awesome because there is a huge complex of modern architecture that has an aquarium, art building, science museum, music hall, garden, imax, and water pools. I walked around at night with my French friend and it was absolutely beautiful. It slightly glows deep blue and white at night and a tropical aqua blue during the day. So, I was excited to explore in the day time. First we went to the aquarium. Of course, we walked there because we walk everywhere, and it took about 30 or 45 minutes, but no body cared because it was such a beautiful day. We walked through this park that runs through the middle of the city. It is called El Rio, which means the river, because it used to be a river but the city drained it one time when it over flowed and put a park there instead. The park is really pretty and it has all sorts of grand fountains, trees, playgrounds, skate parks, and everything else. We got to the aquarium and it was so beautiful. It was more types of modern buildings and it had all these beautiful pools of water. At each different building there was a different type of geography like the Carribean and the Mediterranean, etc. You had to go underground to see the actual tanks and then you could see some of the tanks above ground too. We went to a dolphin show and it was amazing! They had music and the people that worked with the dolphins and they danced around the water and did all sorts of tricks. I had never been to something like that before and it was really cool. After the aquarium we headed over to the science and arts building. This was really cool too because it had all these different hands on experiments. One experiment was this voice thing and it is supposed to delay your voice and change the pitch, it was the coolest thing ever. Another was this mirror and two people sit face to face and you are supposed to change the lighting and it fades the other persons face onto yours. It was so creepy but really cool at the same time. There was also a room with all these different animals (as you probably noticed in the pictures above). They are genetically mutated animals. One of them has two pig bodies with one head, another was a cyclopes dog and another was a Siamese pig. That was a really long day and we wanted to just sit down for a while so a couple of us went and got some drinks. We went to this place and the Valencian soccer game was on. We were going to go to that but our day was already too long. A bunch of the other students went to the game and said it was really awesome. There was a bunch of people at this place watching the game so it was an exciting atmosphere. We watched them score two goals and we won! I'm not that big into sports but futebol (soccer) is something that the Spanish (and Europeans in general) take very seriously. We were going home and decided to take a taxi because it was just too far to walk with our tired feet. We had some difficulty trying to get a taxi where we were but finally we got one. We got into the cab and it turns out that the driver was the same guy that had drove our friend Austin the other day. Of all the taxi's in Valencia, this same guy was our driver. It was the strangest coincidence.

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